The museum features the history of Northwest Florida from

Native American culture to 19th century settlements and more.

One-of-a-kind collections feature early economic activities, tourism

and military history. Students will visit historic Old Valparaiso and

experience the heritage and culture of the region.

A field trip to the Museum can be used to extend class room study

of a topic by serving as an introduction to the topic, by deepening understanding of the topic or bringing closure to the topic of study.

General Museum tours last about an hour and support teaching and learning Florida Sunshine State Standards for Social Studies, including select Benchmarks for Historical Inquiry and Analysis, Historical Knowledge, Chronological Thinking, and Beginning Economics for Grades K-5.

Museum guides are more than happy to adapt the general tour to meet the specific needs and interests of teachers and students.

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​​​​​Heritage Museum of Northwest Florida​

Preserving the history of Northwest Florida for over 45 years

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