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Heritage Museum

A few of our wonderful sponsors...

With a variety of ways to showcase your business, Museum guests will see you as an important partner contributing to historic preservation, education and the quality of life in our community. 

As you may know, the Museum is a not-for-profit 501C3 organization preserving local and regional heritage since 1971. Today we house a vast collection of historic artifacts, textiles, and an extensive library archives.  These collections are made available to the public through the  research library, exhibits, custom tours, fun and interactive educational programs, as well as unique, community-engaging events for all ages.  

We are dedicated to keeping history alive in our community, but we need your support and the help of our community to do it! 

Please consider making a cash donation.  In-kind contributions of professional services or items for silent auctions and raffles are worth their value in sponsorship.

You can be a sponsor!

Contact the Museum at info@heritage-museum.org for a copy of our 2017 Sponsor Menu!

Sponsor Board           Over 59,000 Guests in 2016
Museum’s Website    Over 2,000 visits per month
Press Releases          Over 40 per year
E-Blasts                     Over 2,000 distribution
Facebook                   Over 1,000 likes 35,000 clicks annually
                                   Instagram & Twitter Increasing Exposure
Internet searches    Chambers, Cities, Tripadvisor and more
Posters & Flyers      Hundreds & Thousands per year
Exhibits | Admissions | Events | Public Programs | Tours 

Radio/TV Interviews | PSA’s (1260WFTW, 104.7WAAZ, 88.9WFSU)

Magazines | Newspapers (Unlimited potential)


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